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Effy Award Winner with Vimby for

Most Effective Marketing

Campaign 2012

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I'm at Peace With Myself Completely

when I'm Experiencing Sunset

On a Ballfield

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Web Video is the future

of successful business.

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#somewhereshooting for work #somewhere for play #nineyears for health Follow Garrick in Life and Work.


Garrick’s Family Life and Career through a Camera Phone.


Garrick Lane’s Tumblr


Garrick’s Writings on Films and Filmmaking. Follow his journey as he returns to make his faith based film, "The Fateful Season."

"I felt lucky as I was rewarded with one of the most gifted people I have ever met in my project. Innovative, hard working, passionate with a vision like no other. Garrick brings out of the box thinking to reality." - Ryan Blake, National Basketball Association Scouting